Migrate to Microsoft 365 Business from Office 365 Business Premium

In the event that you as of now have an Office 365 for business membership, for instance

Office 365 Business Premium, you can without much of a stretch add licenses to Microsoft 365 Business, and relegate them to a few, or all clients.

Include Microsoft 365 Business licenses

You have two different ways to get Microsoft 365 Business. On the off chance that you have an accomplice, the individual in question can buy Microsoft 365 Business for you from Microsoft Partner Center. Your accomplice can likewise enable you to change to Microsoft 365 Business.

In the event that you deal with your own membership, you can contact deals to buy Microsoft 365 Business licenses

See Add, change, or erase a membership consultant accomplice to discover how you can begin functioning with an accomplice.

In the event that you are given a connection to buy your licenses, you will stroll through a wizard like the one beneath

Pick Yes, add it to my record. You can likewise pick the quantity of licenses and the technique for installment.

Allot Microsoft 365 licenses

When you have obtained new licenses, and this is the first occasion when you did, the setup pennant for Microsoft 365 Business will show over the administrator focus


The setup pennant is a chance to include new clients, another space, and move email for new clients. In the event that you don’t plan to do any, you should in any case experience the wizard and pick default alternatives to cause it to vanish from the administrator landing page.

Pick Start setup.

On the Personalize your sign-in and email page, you can include an area by picking Connect a space you effectively claim in the event that you need to utilize this chance to add another area to your membership

On the off chance that you have officially set up a space, the second field will demonstrate that and will say Continue utilizing < your area name> for email and marking in. On the off chance that you haven’t set up a space with you membership, it will say Continue utilizing < your organization name.onmicrosoft.com> for email and marking in.

Pick Next

On the Add new clients page, you can include new clients, on the off chance that you have new workers that you need to allot the Microsoft 365 Business licenses to.

On the off chance that you don’t have new representatives to add and need to relegate licenses to existing clients, pick Next

On the ** Migrate email messages ** page you can relocate email for any of the new clients you included stage 3. You can avoid this progression too. Pick Next.

On the last page, pick go to the administrator focus, and proceed with setup there.

In the administrator focus, go to Users > Active clients.

Select the client to whom you need to dole out the Microsoft 365 Business permit to, and after that pick Edit by Product Licenses.

In Product licenses slide Microsoft 365 Business to On > Save, and afterward Close.

When you have bought the underlying permit for Microsoft 365 Business, you can now likewise include more in Billing > Purchase administrations. On the Purchase administrations page you can tap on the ovals on the Microsoft 365 Business card, and pick Change permit amount to buy more.

Ensure client gadgets and records

After you have allocated licenses to Microsoft 365 Business, you can begin ensuring the clients’ gadgets and records.

In the administrator focus, in the left nav, go to Devices > Policies.

On the Device arrangements page, pick Add.

In the Add arrangement sheet give the approach a name, and afterward pick a Policy type starting from the drop.

You can set up application strategies for ensuring records on Android and iPhone gadgets, just as Windows 10, and you can set up gadget setup approaches for organization possessed Windows 10 gadgets. See the accompanying connections for subtleties:

Set application assurance settings for Android or iOS gadgets

Set application assurance settings for Windows 10 gadgets

Set gadget assurance settings for Windows 10 PCs

When you set up approaches, you and your representatives can set up gadgets:

In the event that your Windows aren’t as of now on Windows Pro Creator update, you should redesign them to Windows Pro Creators Update.

See Set up Windows gadgets for Microsoft 365 Business clients for ventures for Windows gadgets.

See Set up cell phones for Microsoft 365 Business clients for ventures for Android telephones and iPhones.

To consequently introduce Office customer applications, see Prepare for Office customer organization by Microsoft 365 Business and Automatically introduce or uninstall Office on Windows 10 gadgets.

Migrate your organization data to Office 365 Enterprise

Ready to migrate your data to Office 365?

Our basic set up instructions help you get everyone using your Office 365 services and applications in the shortest time possible

This skips the hybrid scenarios and the more advanced methods for migrating to Office 365.

If you want help getting Office 365 set up, FastTrack is the easiest way to deploy Office 365, you can also sign in and use the Deployment advisors for Office 365 services.

Migrate email to Office 365

Migrate files and folders

Migrate Skype for Business users

Office 365 Migration Checklist: Top Things to Know and Plan For

Effective arrangement of Office 365 in your workplace requires three significant things:

A guarantee to relinquishing the Office devices of old — It’s an ideal opportunity to discharge yourself from the grip of Office 2003/2007 and venture into the 21st century. This progression is generally straightforward, and generally easy. It’s an ideal opportunity to proceed onward to greater and better things.

A laser-like concentration and severe adherence to the usage procedure

There’s no compromising in an O365 relocation, so do your best to remain on course. Skipping steps could demonstrate exorbitant. Focus on keeping focused and your movement will have practically no hiccups and business will carry on not surprisingly.’

An Office 365 Migration Checklist to keep you and your group composed — A ✔-rundown can be very useful in keeping the movement procedure on assignment and on calendar. Be that as it may, what things have a place on this agenda? Do these assignments need to be finished all together, or is there some squirm room?

Before you hop into the third thing on the rundown

making an Office 365 Migration Checklist for your up and coming sending — Microsoft itself suggests discussing your objectives.

Characterize Your Goals Before You Start Achieving Them

Organizations enormous and little perceive that the natural test of relocating to O365 is finding an opportunity to execute changes and not affect everyday business tasks. Accomplishing negligible disturbance to your representatives’ workday is, and ought to be, objective #1 of your movement.

The second most significant objective of your O365 movement includes adhering to timetables and conveyance dates

Having an anticipated course of events as an objective is significant for the general usage process, but at the same time it’s useful for your representatives working out of sight to have a reliable desire for when things will start to change.

Top Things to Know and Plan for When Creating Your Office 365 Migration Checklist

Microsoft’s O365 sending agenda is crammed with incredibly accommodating tips and undertakings to kick your agenda off. The consolidated, and somewhat reworked, variant of the authority 0365 movement agenda is as per the following:

Set up your organization/association

This should almost certainly be the main thing you incorporate into your 0365 movement agenda. Telling everybody inside your association about the up and coming changes will just assistance as you reveal your relocation procedure.

Getting ready representatives early will likewise help when you begin posing inquiries like the ones incorporated into the following stage in the Office 365 relocation agenda. Fortunately, Microsoft has structured a whole program to enable you to relocate easily to 0365.

Gather everything — Microsoft recommends taking stock of basically everything inside your present condition. The rundown of things to stock incorporates:

Client accounts (login names, email addresses) of current and as of late left workers

All post boxes (amount and size)

Customer renditions, details and arrangements (for example programs, working frameworks, applications, and so forth.)

System settings (for example DNS hosts, intermediary and additionally firewall settings, and so forth.)

Record stockpiling subtleties (area of document shares)

Online correspondence stages (for example informing frameworks)

Subtleties of all coordinated applications (for example CRM, mail empowered applications, and so on.)

Choose your arrangement methodology — Deployment of O365 has many moving parts — some more top to bottom than others

Coming up next are what Microsoft considers to be the most widely recognized errands related with arrangement:

Make/synchronize accounts (for example add representatives to O365)

Validate accounts (setup and oversee O365 account)

Relocate all information (Transfer messages, documents, envelopes, and so forth.)

Consider putting away abundance information (messages and documents) in outsider archiver for later use.

Investigate potential issues utilizing Microsoft direction and devices

Representatives Rollout — If you’ve pursued the initial step and at any rate given some earlier notice to the O365 relocation, at that point this progression in the process ought to be a snap. Worker rollout is basic in culmination of the earlier record setup and validation process. It incorporates:

Include clients and spaces

Allot proper licenses

Arrange application settings

So as should be obvious, there’s a great deal that goes into an O365 movement agenda. A great deal of the procedure is anyway directed by your association and its present setup. The above data is essentially a system to start your pre-arrangement intending to guarantee nothing is missed. Good luck.

As a demonstrated outsider filing arrangement, Intradyn Email Archiver has helped endless Office 365 clients as they move far from their obsolete Office setup. Get in touch with us today to get familiar with the manners in which we’re improving our email chronicling arrangements so as to profit our clients. To get familiar with Office 365, look at this post we composed contrasting the upsides and downsides of Microsoft O365 reception.

Migration Checklist for Office 365

Prior to Migration

Preparing Opportunities⁣

View accessible preparing assets on the preparation page.


Spare your mark substance to effortlessly reproduce it in Office 365.

Email Rules and Filters (UCS Migrations Only)

Report all principles or channels you use in your email and need to keep utilizing.

Date-book Subscriptions and Sharing

Cause a note of any date-books you to buy in to alongside who your logbook is imparted to and any designated access.

Seven day stretch of Migration

Print a duplicate of your motivation for the seven day stretch of relocation.

Neighborhood Mail Application

Void your garbage envelope and rubbish to accelerate moving your email.

Assist Migration

Customize your Office 365 web involvement.

Internet Browser

Redesign your web browser(s) to the most recent rendition to easily run Office 365 applications.

UCS Briefcase (UCS Migrations Only)

On the off chance that you have information put away or imparted to others in the attaché work on UCS, download those documents at that point transfer them to OneDrive or SharePoint in Office 365

Library Fix

In the event that you are a Windows client, you may need to run the vault fix content situated in Box and restart your PC. Your nearby IT will give rules to your unit.

Accommodating Links

Office 365 Training

Office 365 Cheat Sheets

Office 365 Quick Starts

ServiceNow Office 365 Knowledgebase Articles

Kindly don’t move messages or organizers until after relocation has finished.

(UCS Migrations Only) Some inclinations and components from your timetable and email may not relocate, including:

envelope shading coding, banners, classifications, channels, satchels, and meeting possession. Kindly don’t move messages or envelopes until after relocation has finished. You will hold access to UCS for sixty days present relocation on guarantee you can spare and move the majority of your settings and data.

During Migration

Relocation Timeline

Your relocation procedure will be finished between 4:30 p.m., on your underlying movement day, and 8:00 a.m. the next morning. You can keep on utilizing your gadgets all through the relocation procedure and begin utilizing Office 365 when you are given access.

Email Migration Speed

Movement speed can be affected via post box measure, number of messages along system speed and limit. In the event that you have a huge letter box, or envelopes, your relocation may take more time to finish.

Getting Email Online

The Outlook Web Application will be accessible promptly once you access Office 365. This implies at roughly 5:00 p.m. on your relocation day, you will get new messages and timetable occasion welcomes through your Office 365 email. Those can be gotten to at outlook.office.com. As the relocation proceeds, you will see your old messages, organizers, schedule sections, and contacts start to show up in Outlook.

you will get new messages and timetable occasion welcomes through your Office 365 email. Those can be gotten to at outlook.office.com. As the relocation proceeds, you will see your old messages, organizers, schedule sections, and contacts start to show up in Outlook.

Accepting Email in Outlook

Your email address will naturally be sent to Office 365 from your past email account.


You will get an affirmation email in your Office 365 record when your movement is finished.

After Migration

Language and Time Zone

Figure out how to change your language and time zone as required.

Sharing Calendar

Re-share your date-book with associates, or allot representative access.

Reproduce Calendar

Pursue the means to reproduce your schedule, errands, and dole out any hues or classes you recently had.

Redesign Email

Figure out how to reproduce principles or channels to help sort out your email. In the event that you are not seeing the majority of your messages, select the bolt to one side of the organizer.

Office 365 On the Go

Visit the Knowledge Base to figure out how to design your Apple iOS gadget or Android gadget with Office 365 portable applications. Visit Microsoft backing to figure out how to design different device(s).

Neighborhood Mail Application

On the off chance that you might want, setup your gadget’s nearby mail application to get email through Office 365.


Customize your Office 365 web involvement.

Normal Questions Post Migration

To help with your change to Office 365, if you don’t mind reference every now and again posed inquiries after relocation.

The Why, What and How of Migrating from G Suite to Office 365

Begin with the Big Question – Why Migrate?

The commonality representatives have with Office 365 apparatuses, especially with Outlook, Word, and Excel, combined with the significantly more extravagant list of capabilities, are frequently the real relocation drivers to Office 365 from G Suite.

Understanding the ‘Whys’ structure the reason for partner purchase in, checking the movement, arranging the course of events and settling on the sort of relocation. Refine your explanations behind relocation above and beyond and show them alongside potential business benefits as far as ROI and KPIs. The following are instances of motivations to move to Office 365 with business benefits. This will keep the relocation on track — without swelling the arrangement — while keeping up practical desires from the move.

For instance, when posting the explanations behind the move, you may understand that it is maybe best for the association to at first move mail to Exchange Online, while leaving different administrations, similar to Drive and Sites for a later stage

Different contemplations might be a staged rollout of administrations extraordinary to Office 365 to focused gatherings like Stream for Internal Communications and Teams to extend groups.

Here are instances of reasons with business benefits that may apply to your association as you set out on your relocation to Office 365 from G Suite

Precedent Reasons to Migrate with Business Benefits:

Commonality with Solution: Save on retraining X new representatives every year acquainted with Office 365 arrangements.

Business Benefit: Savings of $XXX on preparing and decreased onboarding time for new representatives

Email Support: Office 365 accompanies Exchange Online, which representatives know about and which effectively adjusts with the Outlook work area customer. Google’s Gmail is best utilized in the Chrome internet browser and on portable applications. As the greater part of our workers are work area clients acquainted with Outlook, Office 365 will bear the cost of ideal convenience.

Business Benefit: Superior work area email support for representatives

Unrivaled Offline/Laptop Support: G Suite is basically online and its applications are best upheld on the Chrome program. Anyway our workers every now and again alter documents disconnected and the disconnected capacities of Office joined with OneDrive for Business on the two Windows and Mac, are far prevalent. This will assist our representatives with working disconnected on reports from home or in a hurry.

Business Benefit: Additional efficiency of X hours for Y workers

Adaptability: Microsoft underpins versatility all the more proficiently that G Suite, attributable to its in-manufactured combination with Azure and brought together Admin Center. This will bolster consistent scaling as our association develops.

Business Benefit: Support for scaling and decreased Admin exertion

Estimating: G Suite rates have gone up for Business Users, decreasing its previous cost advantage. Office 365 for business and undertaking alternatives have a range of valuing choices and a more extravagant list of capabilities. Aside from that, Microsoft permits blending licenses inside an association, in this way diminishing the expense for diskless specialists and improving the expense per representative.

Business Benefit: Marginal increment in expense for a superior list of capabilities

What is the present information scene?

While there may appear to be a similar Office 365 application for each G Suite one, that isn’t the situation on the ground. A few models:

While the front-end part of Google shapes — the webform poll — can be moved to Microsoft Forms, the backend information store needs to initially be sent out to Sheets for it to be moved over.

Some GMail channels, marks and names may not endure the move, and would should be reproduced

Also the spread of information should be broke down as well – the aggregate sum, normal document measure, information per individual, dissemination of information, and so on. For example, Google Drive supports document sizes of 5TB, while Office 365’s OneDrive backings a most extreme record size of 15GB.

Mapping the information scene can essentially help with arranging, drawing precise courses of events, and organizing movements.

How to continue with the Migration?