Migrate to Microsoft 365 Business from Office 365 Business Premium

In the event that you as of now have an Office 365 for business membership, for instance

Office 365 Business Premium, you can without much of a stretch add licenses to Microsoft 365 Business, and relegate them to a few, or all clients.

Include Microsoft 365 Business licenses

You have two different ways to get Microsoft 365 Business. On the off chance that you have an accomplice, the individual in question can buy Microsoft 365 Business for you from Microsoft Partner Center. Your accomplice can likewise enable you to change to Microsoft 365 Business.

In the event that you deal with your own membership, you can contact deals to buy Microsoft 365 Business licenses

See Add, change, or erase a membership consultant accomplice to discover how you can begin functioning with an accomplice.

In the event that you are given a connection to buy your licenses, you will stroll through a wizard like the one beneath

Pick Yes, add it to my record. You can likewise pick the quantity of licenses and the technique for installment.

Allot Microsoft 365 licenses

When you have obtained new licenses, and this is the first occasion when you did, the setup pennant for Microsoft 365 Business will show over the administrator focus


The setup pennant is a chance to include new clients, another space, and move email for new clients. In the event that you don’t plan to do any, you should in any case experience the wizard and pick default alternatives to cause it to vanish from the administrator landing page.

Pick Start setup.

On the Personalize your sign-in and email page, you can include an area by picking Connect a space you effectively claim in the event that you need to utilize this chance to add another area to your membership

On the off chance that you have officially set up a space, the second field will demonstrate that and will say Continue utilizing < your area name> for email and marking in. On the off chance that you haven’t set up a space with you membership, it will say Continue utilizing < your organization name.onmicrosoft.com> for email and marking in.

Pick Next

On the Add new clients page, you can include new clients, on the off chance that you have new workers that you need to allot the Microsoft 365 Business licenses to.

On the off chance that you don’t have new representatives to add and need to relegate licenses to existing clients, pick Next

On the ** Migrate email messages ** page you can relocate email for any of the new clients you included stage 3. You can avoid this progression too. Pick Next.

On the last page, pick go to the administrator focus, and proceed with setup there.

In the administrator focus, go to Users > Active clients.

Select the client to whom you need to dole out the Microsoft 365 Business permit to, and after that pick Edit by Product Licenses.

In Product licenses slide Microsoft 365 Business to On > Save, and afterward Close.

When you have bought the underlying permit for Microsoft 365 Business, you can now likewise include more in Billing > Purchase administrations. On the Purchase administrations page you can tap on the ovals on the Microsoft 365 Business card, and pick Change permit amount to buy more.

Ensure client gadgets and records

After you have allocated licenses to Microsoft 365 Business, you can begin ensuring the clients’ gadgets and records.

In the administrator focus, in the left nav, go to Devices > Policies.

On the Device arrangements page, pick Add.

In the Add arrangement sheet give the approach a name, and afterward pick a Policy type starting from the drop.

You can set up application strategies for ensuring records on Android and iPhone gadgets, just as Windows 10, and you can set up gadget setup approaches for organization possessed Windows 10 gadgets. See the accompanying connections for subtleties:

Set application assurance settings for Android or iOS gadgets

Set application assurance settings for Windows 10 gadgets

Set gadget assurance settings for Windows 10 PCs

When you set up approaches, you and your representatives can set up gadgets:

In the event that your Windows aren’t as of now on Windows Pro Creator update, you should redesign them to Windows Pro Creators Update.

See Set up Windows gadgets for Microsoft 365 Business clients for ventures for Windows gadgets.

See Set up cell phones for Microsoft 365 Business clients for ventures for Android telephones and iPhones.

To consequently introduce Office customer applications, see Prepare for Office customer organization by Microsoft 365 Business and Automatically introduce or uninstall Office on Windows 10 gadgets.