Yahoo Lawsuit Will Be Given Time to Work Out a Settlement

Yahoo is now on the third week of Yahoo lawsuit and continues to struggle with a seemingly endless list of problems that have been plaguing the company since it went public in December. The only constant is the constant failure of the companies legal team to get to the bottom of what happened with hacking into the system. It seems as if there is an ongoing lie at the heart of the company and the internet community is losing patience with their treatment of their beloved website.

All the same, Yahoo has kept up the pressure on its suitors to come up with some kind of justification for their hacking the system.

This demand has continued even though the SEC has already completed its own investigation and case file.

Both Google and Microsoft have issued statements on the matter and clearly declare that they were not involved in the hacking of the system and the accounts used for the account takeover. This is not good news for Yahoo as its latest lawsuit hopes to work out a similar deal to the one that was put in place in February of this year.

At the time, the judge ruled that Yahoo had to give both parties a way to get access to one another’s servers to gather information and to remove any adware that had been present on the systems. This has proven to be a significant step forward in the long process of the hacking and Yahoo desperately needs to find a way to overcome this obstacle.

The case has also gone on to include the question of damages and this has been a major issue as well. Yahoo wants to cover all losses, but wants to pay only part of them.

One source of money they will need is through Yahoo’s shareholders who have been demanding a big payout. If they want a share of the settlement money, a lot of them are on the verge of folding unless things turn around for them and this could be the opportunity that turning around the company’s fortunes.

A bigger question is whether Google and Microsoft are going to back down over the loss of the rights to search engines.

They have stated that the issue was not about getting the system back, but rather a matter of extending their respective search engines.

Google has suggested that the third party agreement should apply to both Yahoo and Microsoft, which would allow Google to offer Yahoo in their search results. If this is the case, there will be no difference for their users as Yahoo will have to make the decision on which search engine to use.

Yahoo’s attorneys have made it clear that they expect these other two search engines to take this into consideration when deciding to continue to allow Yahoo on their top ten lists. If this does happen, it could potentially mean the end of Yahoo as an internet search engine altogether.

Even though Yahoo’s lawsuit has run out of steam, it is still pushing the hacking issue to the max. The company has demanded that all the hackers are given the chance to take over the company’s system and change it back to its original condition.

No matter what happens, the site is still in limbo. So the court has not ruled yet on this matter but the court is expected to rule soon.